Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Upcoming Animation - Toy Story 3

Perhaps you already know, but there is a trailer for Toy Story 3. Not the teaser with the toys building the logo that's been kicking around since Up came out, an honest-to-goodness footage from the movie trailer.

(If you want to see a higher definition version, The Animation Blog has some links.

It seems that all the rumors are true. A teenaged Andy is about to leave for college and the toys end up at the daycare from hell. (An odd turn of events, considering that very early drafts of the original Toy Story protayed just such a place as the ideal home for toys where they would be played with and loved forever.) There's clearly plenty of comedy, but Rnady Newman's melancholy vocal and Woody looking out at an Andy's room that has seen much change make it clear that there is a lot of sadness at the heart of this tale.

So what do you think? Are you excited or disappointed? Will Pixar's big gamble mean another hit for the studio? Or is this the equivalent of having Christopher Robin sell Pooh and Tigger for money to buy an XBox?

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