Thursday, September 10, 2009

Short Takes - The Beatles: Rock Band

Okay, so you've all seen that amazing trailer for The Beatles: Rock Band by now, right? The one made by Passion Pictures, the studio that also did a bunch of work on Gorillaz? That stylish, beautifully animated trailer (though they seem to be calling it an "intro" now, so I guess it's the beginning of the game) that managed to capture everything that was great and cool and fun about the Beatles in the space of less than three minutes? The piece of animation that was just so great that, had the entire game looked like that, I would have bought it, regardless of the fact that a Rock Band setup in my living room would leave no space for my furniture?

If you have, skip on ahead. If not, stop reading and watch it right now:

So we're all on the same page now? Good.

If you're like me and thought that was fantastic, perhaps you are also wishing there was more.

Well there's more.

Check out the continued rhinophant action in the game's outro, set to the tune of - what else? - "The End."

Thanks to Lineboil, an excellent source for your recommended daily amount of animation, for being the first place I saw this mentioned.

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